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» Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs

Q. What is MarryAnNRI?

A. MarryAnNRI is an online matrimonial service for Indians worldwide. MarryAnNRI aims to provide a top class online matrimonial service that will assist Indians in finding their soul mate.

Q. There are already so many matrimonial websites. How is MarryAnNRI different?

A. Most of the matrimonial websites would have general features like creating user profiles, browsing for matching partner profiles, sending / receiving messages to/ from other members. At MarryAnNRI, we believe users deserve more. We plan to provide additional features that would make it a rewarding experience for our members.

Also we think the major online matrimonial websites that currently exist are way too expensive. We want to provide a top class service at highly competitive prices. We believe that basic features like contacting or writing to members should have no cost at all.

We will be using latest technologies ranging from web 2.0 technologies, mobile smartphone technologies to offer rich experiences to our members.

Q. What features are planned in

A. Other than the general features provided by online matrimonial sites, we plan to provide the ability to users for earning rewards. We would also be providing an IPhone app for our users. With advancement in technologies, we plan to utilise the latest technologies to make life easier for members. Our research indicates that NRIs would love to access matrimonial services on their smartphone. As such we are committed to using smart phone technologies to provide rich experience to our members.

Q. Why is MarryAnNRI being launched as beta?

A. Beta launches are a standard practice followed by software product developers. Beta releases are the first time the software is made available to users outside the company that has actually developed it.

Since we believe in continuous improvement and providing highest quality service to our customers, we would like to get feedback from all the potential users of the website regarding usability of the website.

During the beta period, we are giving out bonus credits to members. for details refer to Credits FAQ below.

Q. What features are available during Beta period?

A. Beta period is the initial period MarryAnNRI website will be launched to understand initial user feedback. During Beta period, users can register with MarryAnNRI, and use the website for finding their soul mate.

We are providing good incentives to users for registering with MarryAnNRI during the beta period. Users registering with MarryAnNRI during beta period will be eligible to receive bonus registration credits.

Refer to the question "What are the conditions that need to be met to be eligible for receiving bonus registration credits?"

Users registering with MarryAnNRI during beta period will also be considered as VIP members, and will receive offers from MarryAnNRI on a priority basis.

Q. Will I be notified when MarryAnNRI is out of the beta period?

A. Yes definitely. Users who register with us during prelaunch period will be notified by email when MarryAnNRI is officially out of the beta period.

Q. What are the conditions that need to be met to be eligible for receiving the bonus registration credits?

A. To receive bonus registration credits, you will have to satisfy the following conditions:-

1. Register with MarryAnNRI before while the offer is still valid, and

2. Complete member profile correctly (profile has to be updated properly so that our administrator can approve your profile) after the launch, and

3. Add at least one photo to your profile after the launch.

4. Be amongst the first 500 users to complete above 3 steps successfully.

If you miss out on the first 500 users to get the bonus credits, you still have opportunities to earn credits after registering. There are excellent referral incentives provided to members. Refer to Credits FAQ for more details.

Q. If I need help with something, what are my options?

A. Providing a good customer service is one of our top priorities. We have different channels you can reach our friendly customer service team.

Support is available over chat, email and phone.

You can also use the "Contact Us" page in MarryAnNRI website to get in touch with us.

There is also a "Report Problem" link on our website, which you can use, if you think something is not working as it should be.

Customer support is provided during office hours.

Our office hours are listed on our website - "Offices" page.

Website Related Questions

Q. How do I use MarryAnNRI services?

To use MarryAnNRI, open a browser and type the following URL -

Browsers supported are Internet Explorer (7.x and higher), Firefox (3.0 and higher), Safari, Google Chrome.

If you have problems viewing MarryAnNRI website in the browser, please contact us and provide us the following information:-

1. The browser type (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) used.

2. The version of the browser used to access MarryAnNRI.

3. Operating System (for eg. Windows, Linus, Mac OS X) on which you are accessing MarryAnNRI.

Q. I have forgotten my password? What do I do?

A. On the login page, click on the forgot password link. You will be taken to a page which will allow you to get access to your password. You have to enter your emailID which you used to register with MarryAnNRI, and we will send your password to this emailID.

Q. I have registered with the website. I have forgotten my profileId. What do I do?

A. Your profileId will be visible after you successfully log in to MarryAnNRI.

Log in to website using your emailID and MarryAnNRI site password . If you do not remember your password, follow the forgot password link, to have the password sent to your email.

Go to Account Menu and select "View Profile".

Your profileID will be displayed to the right of your profile photo. ProfileID is shown in bold text within the brackets like this - (YOUR_PROFILE_ID).

Q. I have forgotten what email ID I used for registering with MarryAnNRI.

A. You will have to contact us with all relevant information.

Please visit contact us page on MarryAnNRI for different options available for contacting us.

Information for the following security questions need to be provided:-

1. What was the profile ID used for registration?

2. What is the first name used during registration?

3. What is the last name used during registration?

4. What is the date of birth used for registration?

5. what is the address used for registration?
NOTE: If our Customer Relationship team has reasons to believe that you are not the owner of the account, we might need more information from you to prove your identity.

Q. I have registered with MarryAnNRI. My account is not yet active.

A. All members who register with MarryAnNRI need to be approved by a MarryAnNR administrator.

All member profiles are screened in MarryAnNRI to provide a pleasant experience for our members.

This usually takes less than 24 hours. On days with high number of registration, it can take up to 2 working days.

If it is more than 2 working days, and you have not received an approval or rejection email from MarryAnNRI, then please conact us.

Our contact details are specified on the "Contact Us" page of our website.

Q. I have registered with MarryAnNRI. Why did my registration get rejected?

A. At MarryAnNRI, for the safety of all our members, we screen all member profiles.

While registering with MarryAnNRI, we require you to enter all details properly.

All profiles that are registered with MarryAnNRI have to be in accordance with MarryAnNRI Terms & Conditions.

Q. I have made some changes to my profile. Why are the changes not appearing on the website in my public profile?

A. While updating your profile, if you have made changes to text fields which are free form text (i.e fields where you specify any text), then these changes need to be approved by MarryAnNRI administrator.

This approval step is done to provide a pleasant experience for all our members.

Members like to see properly filled profiles, and thats what we try to take care of.

Q. I have uploaded photos to my profile. But they are not visible in my public profile?

A. All photos that are uploaded in MarryAnNRI need to be approved by a MarryAnNRI administrator.

The photo uploaded has to be in accordance with MarryAnNRI Terms & Conditions.

Q. I have registered with MarryAnNRI. Why am I not able to send messages to other members.

A. To write messages to other members you need to satisfy the following conditions:

1. You are a PAID member. OR

1. You are a FREE member. And you have successfully completed telephone verification. And have uploaded at least one photo, that is approved by the administrator.


2. The member to whom you are writing the message has not blocked you.

If you think the above conditions are true, and you still cannot write message to other member, then please contact us. Refer to "How to Contact Us" question for details on how to contact us.

Q. Can I register with the same email id more than once?

A. No. All profiles in MarryAnNRI should have a unique emailID. If you need to create more than one profile, you will have to use a separate emailID for registering these profiles.

Q. Do I need a phone number to register?

A. Phone number is not mandatory. However for free members to be able to write messages to other members, we do require the FREE member to get telephone verified.

Even for PAID members, we encourage you to add your phone number and get it verified.

Having a verified phone numbers creates trust amongst other members. Other members would have more confidence in your profile being really genuine, and your chances of finding your partner will be increased.

Also the reward programs that MarryAnNRI would offer will require the member to have a verified phone number.

Q. What does telephone verification involve?

A. Telephone verification is a process where in our system verifies that :-

1. The phone number provided by a member is a valid phone number and

2. The phone number provided belongs to the member by verifying that the user is available on the number provided.

There are 2 ways a member can do telephone verification:

1.  By Sending SMS to MarryAnNRI

a. SMS 'YourProfileID YourEmailID' (without quotes) to +447537410101 from the Phone Number that you want to get verified.
where, YourProfileID - is your profileID in MarryAnNRI
and, YourEmailID - is your email registered with MarryAnNRI.

b. Our system will identify your account based on the profileID and emailID you have specified, and then mark your telephone number (from which the SMS was sent) as Verified.

SMS text sent should only specify the MarryanNRI profile ID and the Email ID and nothing else.

For eg:- if you profile ID is "Vivek1234" and email "", then SMS "Vivek1234" to +447537410101

Our system will detect the phone number the SMS was sent from, and associate this number with the profileID you have mentioned in the SMS.

2.  By Receiving Phone Call from MarryAnNRI

There is a charge associated with using this method. When possible, we recommend using the SMS method. For more information on how to receive a call from MarryAnNRI to verify your telephone refer our - 'Verify Telephone' page.

Q. What are the benefits of PAID membership?

A. There are a number of benefits available to PAID members. In addition to the features available to FREE members, the benefits available to PAID members are:-

• PAID members can write to other members.

• Paid members can see the contact details of other members.

• Paid members can upload more photos.

• Paid members do not need to be telephone verified before writing to members.

• Paid members get additional bonus credits for referring friends and/ or relatives to MarryAnNRI.

• Paid members get additional bonus credits for uploading photos. Note:- This is applicable only if photo is uploaded after the user becomes a PAID member.

Q. What are the payment options available for purchasing premium membership?

A. We currently accept Paypal and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network).

Credit card payments are also handled by Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can select the "Do Not have a Paypal Account" option when you are directed to the Paypal site.

This allows you to pay with credit card as a Paypal guest.

Q. I deleted a photo password request I had sent. Now I cannot see the photo password for the user whose request I deleted. What should I do?

A. Password requests sent should be deleted only if the user does not want to view the password responses anymore. If you accidentally delete the password request sent, then you will have to either:-.

• Send a message to the user asking for password.


• Contact support, and request to restore the password received. Mention the user name/ profile to whom your password request was sent. Also mention your own profile ID.

Q. What about privacy. Will my privacy be compromised?

A. At MarryAnNRI, we are committed to keeping your information safe. Your private information (eg - your contact details) is NOT shared with other members unless you have your preferences set to show your private information to others.

We will not provide your information to other 3rd parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

Your profile information is used for MarryAnNRI related usage only.

Refer to privacy Terms & Conditions for more details.

Q. Is MarryAnNRI a trusted website?

A. Yes. MarryAnNRI is Verisign trusted. VeriSign has confirmed MarryAnNRI's identity and MarryAnNRI site has passed the VeriSign malware scan.

The VeriSign seal is located on the bottom right corner of our website.

A VeriSign sign seal is the number one trust mark on the internet, and means trust and security to the world.

When you see a Verisign Trusted Seal, you can safely proceed on the website.

Reward Questions

Q. What rewards program is currently offered by MarryAnNRI?

A. MarryAnNRI offers generous referral incentives to all members. Members can invite friends and relatives to MarryAnNRI.

Members earn credits when the referred friend/ relative joins MarryAnNRI.

Please refer to 'How To Earn Credits' page for more details on how credits can be earned.

Credits earned can be redeemed for Premium features on MarryAnNRI.

If members have a website, they can also join MarryAnNRI as an affiliate partner.

Refer to affiliate FAQs for more details on our affiliate program.

Q. What is a referral code?

A. The referralCode is a unique identifier assigned to you in MarryAnNRI.

You can gain credits in MarryAnNRI, when others register with MarryAnNRI using the referral code assigned to you.

In order for others to register using the referral code assigned to you, you have to let others know about your referral code. You can send the referral code to your friends/ relatives/ colleagues. And then they can use it as a promo code while registering in MarryAnNRI.

Alternatively MarryAnNRI has a very convenient way for you to invite your friends / relatives/ colleagues.

When you send the invite using Send Invites feature in MarryAnNRI, a link (URL) is sent to the people you are inviting. And this link contains your referral code. When your friends/ relatives/ colleagues use this link to register with MarryAnNRI, you will receive credits. If using this method (send invites method) it is very important that the link in the invite is used to register with MarryAnNRI. Otherwise the system cannot track the referral.

Affiliate Questions

Q. Does MarryAnNRI have an affiliate program?

A. Yes. We offer a generous revenue share model for our affiliates.

Q. What is the revenue share model you are offering to affiliates?

A. MarryAnNRI offers upto 70% revenue share from each sale depending on the number of sales and leads you generate each month. (A sale is when a members upgrades his membership to paid membership, and MarryAnNRI received money from the user)

Q. How do I become an affiliate of MarryAnNRI?

A. You have to fill in the online application form - Join Our Affiliate Program by filling our application form. Once the application is submitted, we will review your application. If approved, we will send you the approval email, and steps on how to start generating revenue on MarryAnNRI.

Q. How does the affiliate program work in the beta period?

A. Affiliates can start referring members even in the beta period. Once a user has been referred by an affiliate, this user is linked to the affiliate. Paid subscription in MarryAnNRI is enabled in the beta period as well.

Users might join MarryAnNRI as a FREE member during the beta period. At any point in time later (including beta period or later) when the user decides to upgrade his/her membership to a paid membership, the affiliate will get the commission at that point in time.

Q. Do I need to have a website to be an affiliate of MarryAnNRI.

A. Yes, you will need to have a website to become an affiliate of MarryAnNRI.

Q. Is there any particular type of website I need to have to promote MarryAnNRI?

A. Most of the website types that do not contain illegal, sexual and / or obscene content would be okay. MarryAnNRI administrator would review the website to check if there is any objectionable content in the website. Promoting MarryAnNRI is restricted on websites belonging to these categories gambling, adult content, pornography. If your website is deemed inappropriate for our audience MarryAnNRI administrator has the sole right to reject your affiliate application.

Q. Do I have to pay to become an affiliate of MarryAnNRI?

A. No. The affiliate program is free to join.

Q. How do I know how much I have earned from the affiliate program?

A. We will provide you with an user interface which you can use to check how much earnings you have made.

Q. How will I get paid?

A. An affiliate partner will be paid when their earnings reach $100. You will be paid by paypal. You will need a paypal account for receiving money.

Q. Do I get any marketing material that I can use to promote MarryAnNRI?

A. We will provide you with banner images and content for text links that you can use to promote MarryAnNRI.

You can take these banners and text links and place it on your website to promote MarryAnNRI.

You will get a commission when user register with MarryAnNRI using the banner or text link placed on your website, and makes a purchase with MarryAnNRI.

Q. As an affiliate, if I need help with something, what are my options?

A. Our support email for our affiliates is You can expect a reply in 1 - 2 working days.

Reporting Issues Questions

Q. Someone else is using my photo in their profile. How can I report this?

To file a misuse of photo claim, you must provide proof that you are the person in the photo of a different user's profile by filling out our 'Contact Us' form. To be considered for photo misuse, the photo you provide should have a good resemblance to the photo .

We'll not able to take action for photo misuse under these following circumstances:

1. If you don't provide a valid photo ID. (e.g. driver's license, national or international ID card, student ID etc) as attachment.

2. If you're reporting on behalf of someone else (a friend, relative, etc).

3. If you do not fill out the misuse report using our 'Contact Us' form.

To expedite processing of your request, include as much information as possible when filling out the contact us form. At minimum provide this information:
- Your full legal name (first name, middle name and last name if any).
- Your email address.
- Your profile ID if you have an account at
- The profile ID of the user misusing your photo.
- URL of the user misusing your photo.
- Any additional information to support your claim.

If you've provided all of the requirements listed above, and your claim is evaluated as genuine our team will take action within 15 official days.

Other Questions

Q. I have a question which is not listed in this FAQ. What do I do?

A. You can contact our customer service team. Details to get in touch with us are available on "Contact Us" page of MarryAnNRI.

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